We organise bioinformatic workshops for beginners and professionals focused on statistical data analysis in R, RNA sequencing data analysis, chromatographic data processing and analysis in non-commercial programs.

Our courses last one or two days (coffee and lunch breaks are included). We can also organise our workshop in your company or lab according to your needs.

We offer the following courses:

Chemical and biological data analysis in R for beginners

  • elementary matrix algebra
  • basic statistics
    • t-test, analysis of variance (ANOVA)
    • Tukey’s HSD test (honest significant difference test)
  • correlations
  • clustering analysis
  • data visualization

Multivariate data analysis in R

  • Principal component analysis as an exploratory data analysis (PCA)
  • Calibration/regression models
    • linear regression (OLR)
    • multiple linear regression (MLR)
    • principal component regression (PCR)
    • partial least squares regression (PLSR)
  • Discrimination and classification
    • partial least squares regression – discriminant analysis (PLSDA)
    • linear discriminant analysis (LDA)
    • soft independent modeling of class analogy (SIMCA)
    • likelihood ratio framework (LR)

Chromatographic data processing

  • peaks integration
  • normalization
  • retention time normalization
  • multisample set alignment
  • visualization

LC-MS, GC-MS data processing

  • possible LC-MS and GC-MS approaches
  • software for data processing
  • processing pipeline
  • post-processing metod
  • data visualization

Metabolomic and proteomic data processing and analysis

  • introduction to metabolomics and proteomic from experimental design to results visualization challenges in omics
  • data processing: reviewing the software, online platforms
  • pipeline of data processing
  • data post-processing: reviewing the software and online platforms
  • high-dimensionality reduction and data visualization
  • univariate and multivariate data analysis
  • metabolite identification and metabolomics data bases reviewing


Our experts are scientists in fields such as: mathematics, statistics, bioinformatics, biology and chemistry. We will be happy to support you with our knowledge and experience. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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